About us

About Voluntales

Voluntales are tales about volunteering. The website was created by Carita Rizzo and Luisa Ryan for you – the global traveler who wants to share his or her volunteering experiences – but also to help more inexperienced travelers make educated decisions about which causes to support, which organizations to travel with and what countries to visit.

Voluntourism has become the ideal way to see the world, gain rare experiences off the beaten track, experience cultures and give back. But let’s face it, we all have questions, and finding answers has become difficult with many travel brokers just trying to make a quick buck. Our site will answer your questions by featuring travel stories that will serve as recommendations – and sometimes warnings – for other travelers considering voluntourism as a travel option. The site will also feature articles about voluntourism and organizations that offer volunteering opportunities. Voluntales is a community of people who want to see the world beyond luxury hotels and extreme comfort, and a community that wants to tell those stories. No travel story is objective. It’s volunteering through your eyes, and that’s how we like it.

About Us

Carita Rizzo – Co-Founder

Carita Rizzo

Carita Rizzo graduated from Napier University in Edinburgh in 2001 with a BA in Journalism. She returned to her native Finland for a Masters degree in Social and Political studies, but was offered a job in national radio before the completion of her master thesis. In 2003, Carita moved to Los Angeles to work for the Consulate General of Finland. For three years she worked as an immigration officer before returning to journalism. Since 2005 Carita has worked as a freelance writer and entertainment reporter in Los Angeles, covering every event from the Grammys to the Academy Awards. Her work has been published in Budget Travel, Life & Style, Hollywood.com and TV Guide Magazine, for whom she has been a contributing writer since 2007. With Voluntales, Carita wishes to combine her journalistic skills with her passion for travel and adventure.

You can email Carita at carita@voluntales.com

Luisa Ryan – Co-Founder

Luisa Ryan

Luisa Ryan graduated from the University of Queensland in 2003 with an Arts degree (Majors in French, Spanish and International Relations) and a Sociology degree with Honors. After graduation, she participated in a tolerance education program in Poland, interned with the Australian Mission to the UN in New York, and worked as a research assistant for International Crisis Group in Brussels and Nepal before commencing work with the United Nations. Luisa worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in remote communities in Nepal with UNFPA before joining the United Nations Mission in Nepal’s Office of Civil Affairs to monitor Nepal’s fledgling peace process. In 2008, Luisa returned to Australia to lead Australian Red Cross Queensland’s International Programmes department, before taking up her Rotary fellowship at the University of North Carolina.  In the future, Luisa hopes to continue her humanitarian efforts with organizations such as the United Nations.

You can email Luisa at luisa@voluntales.com