Why Voluntales?

When we started looking for volunteering opportunities abroad we had nothing but questions. How would we know we were really helping? Would the money given to the organization actually reach the people who need it? What would we be eating? Where would we sleep? And does anyone really want a house built by us? (Really?) So we turned to friends who had volunteered abroad and heard their stories. Some were awesome, others so gnarly we’re happy we didn’t embark on that journey. But we thought, ‘Why not gather all those stories in one place? There must be millions more.’ Hopefully, you’ll prove that there are.

How do I know your travel advice is accurate?

When someone gives you travel advice, accept it, and let it guide you towards more research. We can’t guarantee that someone’s personal experience in a third world country is what you are going to experience. Think of Voluntales as an acquaintance: Listen to their story, and then apply credibility according to how well you know this person.

How do I write for Voluntales?

You can submit your own travel story here. Or, if you want to write about an organization or a person, but you don’t have a personal story to share? No problem, pitch your idea to us, and if it’s appropriate we’ll talk you through the submission process. We don’t pay for content, but if that doesn’t deter you, email us at info@voluntales.com